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Monday, 3 November 2014

Coming soon(ish)

Last year I purchased a new game, Sedition Wars from Studio McVey, it's been sitting about half way down my to do list since then and has constantly moved down in favour of other stuff, so I have made the decision to make a start on it.
It contains around 50 28mm miniature and it is a sci-fi board game, once it's all painted I will do a review of the game so that my loyal reader, who has probably given up on me by now after all it has been a while since I posted on any of my blogs, can see what this little known game is all about. Apparently it has quite a large following stateside and in addition to the models that are included in the box there are more rather nice models available.

Not only do I plan to have Sedition Wars painted and played by the end of November, I also plan to make a start on the Space Hulk models, that was bought way back in 2009, with luck, and a bit of effort, it should be ready to play very early in the new year, I'm going for a mid January date as I can use the Christmas break to get a fair bit of work done.

Once Space Hulk is finished, along with a game report, I will then start on the Dark Angels models from the Dark Vengeance boxed set and the extra models I bought to add to the Dark Angels force. I need to purchase one or two Dark Angels Infantry upgrade sprues before I really get going on them, it'll be a bit of a slog but the end result should be worth the effort. Once the Dark Angels are finished I'll post a battle report, the first one using a proper 40k chapter.

So come back in a day or two to see how I get on, until then keep your brushes clean and your paints well mixed.

Ta ta

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