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Monday, 3 November 2014

Coming soon(ish)

Last year I purchased a new game, Sedition Wars from Studio McVey, it's been sitting about half way down my to do list since then and has constantly moved down in favour of other stuff, so I have made the decision to make a start on it.
It contains around 50 28mm miniature and it is a sci-fi board game, once it's all painted I will do a review of the game so that my loyal reader, who has probably given up on me by now after all it has been a while since I posted on any of my blogs, can see what this little known game is all about. Apparently it has quite a large following stateside and in addition to the models that are included in the box there are more rather nice models available.

Not only do I plan to have Sedition Wars painted and played by the end of November, I also plan to make a start on the Space Hulk models, that was bought way back in 2009, with luck, and a bit of effort, it should be ready to play very early in the new year, I'm going for a mid January date as I can use the Christmas break to get a fair bit of work done.

Once Space Hulk is finished, along with a game report, I will then start on the Dark Angels models from the Dark Vengeance boxed set and the extra models I bought to add to the Dark Angels force. I need to purchase one or two Dark Angels Infantry upgrade sprues before I really get going on them, it'll be a bit of a slog but the end result should be worth the effort. Once the Dark Angels are finished I'll post a battle report, the first one using a proper 40k chapter.

So come back in a day or two to see how I get on, until then keep your brushes clean and your paints well mixed.

Ta ta

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Would the IDIOTS who keep posting comments that have links to loan companies in them please stop? I doubt anyone who reads this blog, other than you is interest in a loan with 1500% interest over 30 days. Your comments always end up in the spam bin and then I remove them.

By all means feel free to leave comments that relate to the content of the blog or discuss tabletop wargaming but please DO NOT attempt to use my blog as a source of people to rip off Scam and generally exploit.


Monday, 17 December 2012

On hold

With just a few models left to build and paint, things have been put on hold for a couple of weeks due to the need to use the kitchen table for more mundane things like eating dinner at.
After the break I plan to get the last few models done, including the undisclosed model. Then I will be doing a small project for the shop. Once that is done I'll be making a start on the Island of Blood Skaven for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
This time last year I had to take a break from another painting project, it doesn't seem like a year since I was painting Dreadfleet. If all goes well with the Skaven I may have the rest of the Tau models painted just in time for the new Tau codex release next year.

I always look forward to a new codex, even if I don't play the army concerned. I like to see what has changed for the army, plus a new codex usually means new models, and that's always nice to see. I look forward to new models particularly I generally see at least one model from the new range that I would like to paint. I am very keen to see what is done with the Tau for the new codex, there are some interesting rumours, but there was quite a few interesting rumours regarding the Necrons, a fair few of those turn out to be somewhat inaccurate.

Anyway that's about it for 2012, hopefully I'll be able to get back on track with everything in the new year, assuming that we're still here, I do have a December 22 post ready to put up to annoy the doomsday believers who will either be a bit red faced on Saturday morning or they'll have some bonkers explanation as to why the world didn't end.

All that's left for me to do now is to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas a prosperous 2013

Thursday, 6 December 2012

The time has arrived

As I write this I am sat on a bus heading to Hythe for the penultimate gaming evening of 2012, with me are two cases containing Necrons. Although all the models aren't finished I have enough to put together a sizeable army and can probably pull together a 3000+ battle force. The one thing I really want tonight is a win, it would be such a shame if four months of painting ended up with a loss for the new army. So wish me luck, cry havoc and let slip the murderous robots of war.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The end is (almost) nigh!

With the last of the Lychguard complete, save doing the bases, all of the plastic Necron models are now done. All that is left to do now are seven various Necron HQ models, five Finecast Flayed Ones and a Finecast Shard of the Nightbringer. For the Flayed Ones I can work to the standard colour template which is fairly easy except that it’s been a while since I painted skin tones, but I’m fairly confident that I can do them well. For the HQ models I plan to paint them as close to the way they have been painted for the GW website, there may be a few deviations because there’s a couple of techniques that have been used that I can’t do but oh well.

The worrying one is the Nightbringer, I have a metal one that was painted by a friend who painted it exactly how I wanted it painted and I’ve convinced myself that I won’t be able to replicate the colour scheme. I know I could just continue to use the metal one but it’s very fragile and so well painted that if I continue to repair it every time it falls apart, it will eventually be ruined which would be a great shame.

Once all the Finecast models are done there is just one more model to do, more on that when work on it starts.

Here’s some pics.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Three down…

Yup, three models are finished. Three of the Lychguard have been given warscythes so that they can stride across the battle field cutting down any infantry and slicing through the artillery that dares to stand before them. Warscythes ignore saves of any kind, and since their wounds cannot be saved that also negates this whole namby pamby eternal warrior rubbish. In fact the only thing that stands any chance of getting up from a wound caused by a Necron warscythe is another Necron that has reanimation protocols. The only tank that poses a problem to a Lychguard armed with a warscythe would be the mighty Baneblade and, perhaps, a Space Marine Landraider. However the likelyhood of running into either of those is slim as only one player in our group has a Landraider and the Baneblade is an apocolypse option. They should make for some very interesting close combat rounds especially when combined with Canoptek Wraiths equipped with whip coils.

Anyway, here are a few photos of the newly armed Lychguard.DSCF0545DSCF0544DSCF0543DSCF0542DSCF0541DSCF0540DSCF0539DSCF0538DSCF0537DSCF0536

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Five Triarch Praetorians and ten Lychguard are almost complete. Bodies and heads are finished and put together all that I need to do now is paint the arms and weapons and they will done.