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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Just a quickie (ooer)

The last few nights, save for Tuesday due to a rather enjoyable Firefly evening and Thursday due to a gaming evening, I have been making progress on the Barges. The main build is complete and the pilot and gunner are in place and just need their arms attached. The main guns are finished after a drybrush of chainmail. With just the pilot and gunners arms to drybrush I have made a start on the Overlords. So far I have magnetised the base and left arms for both. This will allow the Overlord to be either mounted on the barge using one left arm as an anchor point as the arm will be attached to the hand rail which plugs into the model, and because the base has two small magnets that line up with magnets in the feet of the Overlord model it can be attached to the base and the second left arm, which is holding a resurrection orb, can be attached for when the lord is on foot.

Photos of the models will be posted tomorrow as I want to get the Overlord undercoated and start painting it

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