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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The end is (almost) nigh!

With the last of the Lychguard complete, save doing the bases, all of the plastic Necron models are now done. All that is left to do now are seven various Necron HQ models, five Finecast Flayed Ones and a Finecast Shard of the Nightbringer. For the Flayed Ones I can work to the standard colour template which is fairly easy except that it’s been a while since I painted skin tones, but I’m fairly confident that I can do them well. For the HQ models I plan to paint them as close to the way they have been painted for the GW website, there may be a few deviations because there’s a couple of techniques that have been used that I can’t do but oh well.

The worrying one is the Nightbringer, I have a metal one that was painted by a friend who painted it exactly how I wanted it painted and I’ve convinced myself that I won’t be able to replicate the colour scheme. I know I could just continue to use the metal one but it’s very fragile and so well painted that if I continue to repair it every time it falls apart, it will eventually be ruined which would be a great shame.

Once all the Finecast models are done there is just one more model to do, more on that when work on it starts.

Here’s some pics.


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