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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Three down…

Yup, three models are finished. Three of the Lychguard have been given warscythes so that they can stride across the battle field cutting down any infantry and slicing through the artillery that dares to stand before them. Warscythes ignore saves of any kind, and since their wounds cannot be saved that also negates this whole namby pamby eternal warrior rubbish. In fact the only thing that stands any chance of getting up from a wound caused by a Necron warscythe is another Necron that has reanimation protocols. The only tank that poses a problem to a Lychguard armed with a warscythe would be the mighty Baneblade and, perhaps, a Space Marine Landraider. However the likelyhood of running into either of those is slim as only one player in our group has a Landraider and the Baneblade is an apocolypse option. They should make for some very interesting close combat rounds especially when combined with Canoptek Wraiths equipped with whip coils.

Anyway, here are a few photos of the newly armed Lychguard.DSCF0545DSCF0544DSCF0543DSCF0542DSCF0541DSCF0540DSCF0539DSCF0538DSCF0537DSCF0536

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