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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hack, slash, death

Just a quick update, three Canoptek Wraiths are almost complete. The main bodies were built in sections. The carapace comprised of three separate components which were easily put together. Each model has three main body parts that consist of upper and lower halves and four “legs” on each. The front section also has two extra arms on which are mounted the close assault weapons, in the case of these three particular models they have been fitted with the rather nasty “whip coils”. for the next three I’m going to try and arrange the attacking arms so that the whip coils and the standard “slicey death blades” (technical term) are interchangeable. The models each have a coiled tail section, this results in a beastie that looks like the result of an unholy union between a robotic snake a cybernetic centipede. On the whole I like these models and they have, so far, been the easiest build of the project. Every part was sprayed black, the tails and main body was given a coat of Boltgun, the carapace was very lightly  dry brushed with Boltgun and the detail picked out with Goblin Green and Moot Green from the new range. The tails and body parts were washed with Nuln Oil, also from the new range. The legs were left black and given a liberal drybrush with Scorpion Green. I’ve made a start on the bases, each base has been given a coat of Armageddon Dust from the new texture range. I think I’ll give each one a wash with Devlan Mud, then a highlight of one of the mid browns and a very light drybrush with, possibly, Iyanden Darksun or Tausept Ochre. I’m still working on the base and so far the Armageddon Dust is the only definite at the moment.
the last piece that needs to be painted is the under-slung weapon, once that’s done and the bases are finished I will post photos of the finished wraiths. I know that I should be posting pictures of the work in progress but I wasn’t aware of how quickly the Wraith would be finished that it got completely overlooked. I started these models on Sunday evening and, if all goes well, the current three should be finished on Friday. With three more waiting at the shop to be collected on Saturday I will get on with those and post the work in progress pic of those. Although the close assault weapon arms have been fixed with the whip coils the arms themselves simply plug into the sockets allowing the arms to be swapped for ones with the standard assault weapon so a visit to bitz box will solve the problem and I will be able to field the wraiths with the standard load out if the need arises, although I think that Five Canoptek Wraiths as a dedicated close assault option should prove to be fairly destructive on the table.
Next time I’ll tell you what I finally decided on regarding the bases and I’ll post those work in progress pics.

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