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Thursday, 18 October 2012


So the state of play is that three Canoptek Wraiths are finished, in less than a week, and I have to admit that I am rather pleased with the results. So here’s a few pictures first is the sprues, then the tails, then bodies then finished models. As you can see the first ones have had the Whip coils fixed in place, and they don’t have the underslung weapons mounted. The next three models will have the option to change the whip coils for flensing blades, not as deadly as the coils but the blades allow the models to take a ranged weapon option. This means that I can either have one squad of six wraiths all fitted with whip coils, or a squad of three with whip coils for close assault and three with blades and a ranged weapon option.
Anyway, enough babble, here’s the pictures!
Yes, the above pictures are actually the same tail, the variants can be seen in the photos of the finished models a bit further down.
No, they’re not dead, this is the underside.
Top area of the carapace
Whip Coils
So there you have it, three monstrous, nasty, hacky slash death beasties.
There’s another three on the way.
Sweet dreams

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