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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wraith count, almost at six

I nipped down to the shop yesterday after work as there was a box of Canoptek Wraiths waiting for me. I rushed them home, opened the box and clipped off the two halves for one of the close assault arms. Using one of the flensing blades from the previous kit, I did a test fit to see if it would slot in. It did so my plan to be able to swap out the flensing blades for Whip coils is looking good. The second set have had the tails, which are in two sections, glued together and fixed to the bases. The main body segments are built and they, along with the tails and individual carapace parts, have been undercoated with Chaos Black spray. The segments and the tails have all been base coated with Boltgun Metal. I'll post pics tomorrow, If all goes well and my head stays focussed, I should have the second set of Wraiths finished by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. I think that the fact the the Wraiths have gone so well and I am so pleased with how well they have worked out that my thoughts of getting the Necrons finished and on the table can't come quick enough. I just hope that the first game I play with them is a win with lots of losses for the other player. Althpugh to be honest I will just be glad to be able to take the to the shop and show them off. If you read this blog regularly you should have realised that I don't consider myself to be a brilliant painter, I enjoy painting, more than gaming, and I'm not really the bragging type, but I honestly think that the first three wraiths are probably the best models I have ever done. They have certainly surprised me as they are much larger than they appear on the box. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do the Spyders or the Tomb Blades yet. I just hope that the rest of the kits are as easy to complete as the wraiths have been.

We shall see!

Ta ta

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