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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Still on the wraiths

The second set of three Canoptek Wraiths are coming along well. Not as quickly as I was hoping but that's down to a lack of time and other stuff taking priority. I have finished the bases for them and they have had some of the slate fragments put on plus I've added a skull from a box of Vampire Counts skeletons that have been laying around for a few years. The skulls were undercoated white before being given a base coat of bleached bone. Once the base coat had dried each skull was given a wash with Gryphonne Sepia and when that had dried they were dry brushed with bleached bone and fixed to the base. The only thing left to do is attach the main bodies to the bases, paint the close combat weapons and finally paint the ranged weapons.
Although adding an extra box of Wraiths has added extra time to the project, I really think it's worth the time and as I was painting them the other night I looked over at the pile of boxes and noticed how much it has shrunk since I started the project. It seems that there is an end in sight, it may still be a few weeks away but it's definitely there and I'm really starting to look forward to taking the models to the shop and playing my first game with them.

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