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Monday, 19 November 2012

And the winner is…

After spending the last few hours wondering what to do with the fifteen models that are about to be built and painted, I’ve decided to go with ten Lychguard and Five Triarch Praetorians. The Lychguard will be split into two squads of five. One squad will have the default weapon of warscythes, the other will have hyperphase swords and dispersion shields. The second squad will benefit from the 4+ invulnerable save and the chance of a saved wound being reflected at an enemy squad that is within 6 inches. The Triarch Praetorians will be armed with the default Rod of Covenant. A strength 5 AP 2 weapon that may have a six inch range but with an AP of 2 they should be able to slice through Terminator armour quite easily plus with the added bonus of the RoC being a power weapon anything that is still standing after the enemy has been blasted to a sticky goo will soon fall under cloud of slashing and hacking.

So there you go that’s how the last remaining plastic models are being put together, once they’re done it’s onto the finecast models. (uh oh!)

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