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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Death comes zooming

On Saturday I made a start on three Tomb Blades, compared to the wraiths and the spyders they are a little more complicated to build due to the optional extras, like shield vanes which have no proper connecting sections at all so when they are put on a model it is pretty much stick ‘em on and leave the model alone for a few hours. They were also quite annoying to paint, I opted to build as much as possible on them, this was a mistake. I now realise why I recommend painting as much as you can separately before completing the build. Anyway the completion of the Tomb Blades means that all the vehicles are done, finished, huzzah!
Because all the vehicles are done it means that I can move on to the infantry, double huzzah, the first infantry models that are on the go are five Deathmarks, nasty sniper types that can select an enemy unit and hunt them down needing only 2+ to hit them, plus they have the Marksman special rule which means that any to hit rolls of 6 means that I can choose which enemy model takes a successful wound.
So first up are the photos of the Tomb Blades, then the first stage of the Deathmarks.

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