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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Ten Lychguard are under coated with torsos fixed to legs, Praetorians are in two halves with the torsos built and the legs have been under coated. The torsos have been left off the Praetorians so that I can paint detail on the legs and torsos that won’t be reachable when the two halves are put together. There’s one part of the Praetorians that has really puzzled me, they have tails, yup you read that right, TAILS! WHY? What possible purpose can a tail serve on a soulless killing machine? I’m sure that when Stan Winston was designing the Terminator endo-skeleton, which the Necrons bear more than a passing resemblance to, he looked at his concept drawings and thought “What this really needs is a tail, that will make it really menacing!” I bet he was really going with that until James Cameron said “Lose the tail Stan, it’s stupid!” So my five Triarch Praetorians have a menacing tail that serves no purpose at all, it’s not even prehensile! That would be a neat trick, going hand to hand with a deadly robot, disable it by grabbing it’s wrists only to have it stab you with a tail. That’d ruin your day! So despite the fact that the tail is for decorative purposes only and I think they’re stupid, I have put the tails on. Oh dear!

The Lychguard don’t have a tail, instead they have a nancy sporran, I’m sure it has a proper name but I have no idea what it’s called but at least it’s not pretending to be something useful like a tail and it’s purpose is clearly decorative to make the Lychguard look a bit more fancier than their Immortal and Warrior minions. When a Lychguard strides across the battlefield he quite openly claim that he’s better than the lower orders because of his fancy sporran thing.

Anyway, enough of me moaning about tails and sporran type things, here are some photos of what I’ve done so far. Some of them aren’t particularly good as the black undercoat kind of hides all the detail, once the detail has been done they should photo better.DSCF0512DSCF0511DSCF0510DSCF0509DSCF0508DSCF0506

The latest addition to my collection of strange modelling tools is the spraying club, surprisingly it works very well. of the ten Lychguard that were on it only two of them didn’t get a full covering of undercoat, although they didn’t get a full cover the area that didn’t get covered was so minimal that you’d have to look really close to spot the area and once it’s been basecoated it won’t show at all. So yay for the spraying club.


Yup, they’re in the wrong order, the two photos above this text are of the Praetorians front and back, hasn’t it got a long, if somewhat useless, tail!

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