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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Oh they are serious butt kicking machines of death

ten Immortals have now been added to the Necron collection, with the way things are going I could get my first game in with them before the end of the year. If I forego the addition of Flayed Ones then there’s a chance that I may get a game in with them as early as the next gaming evening. I have fifteen plastic models to paint, five of those will be made as Lychguard the other ten will be Triarch Pretorians.
Here are the photos of the Immortals
Way back at the start of this project when I listed everything that was needing to be painted I mentioned that there was a secret model the was going to be included in the collection. Without wanting to give too much away the model will be a conversion of a non 40k model, but as a treat for the followers of this blog I can give you a sneaky peak of a part of the model.

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