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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Actually it’s not the same model!

Yes I’ve changed the title

It’s sort of back to the beginning for the second model. Another Ark, this one will be a Doomsday Ark. As the name implies it means destruction and death to the opposing force, but more on that when the model is complete.

Since the basic construction of the Doomsday Ark’s the same as the Ghost Ark I won’t go in to repeating the details of the build except where the construction differs from the previous build. The main difference between the Doomsday and the Ghost Arks is that the ribs on the Doomsday Ark are inverted and instead of the Warriors there is a large main gun, the appropriately named Doomsday Cannon. The picture below is very early on in the build, there is still some cables to add and paint the detail. This is the main difference between the two Ark variants.


Something I forgot to post at the start of Project Necron was the Frames holding the components, so they’re featured below.




No, you’re not seeing double and I haven’t made a mistake, the first two pictures are indeed the same because that’s what comes in the box. The kit comprises of 168 components. Of course not all of the parts are used in either build, if you build a Doomsday Ark you have ten battle damaged Necron Warriors spare. If you decide on the Doomsday Ark the the main gun isn’t used then it’s going to sit in the spares box until you can find a use for it. I have a plan for a slightly different way I’m going to paint the ten Gauss Flayers, I hope it works out. I’ll find out in a couple of days.

See you soon.

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