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Thursday, 9 August 2012

One down….

Oh yes indeed, The first Ark is now a complete model. It’s static as a Ghost Ark, this will allow me to add up to 3 Warriors to a unit of Necron Warriors per turn (without going above the starting size). Each flank is equipped with five Gauss Flayers. These can fire up to ten shots per turn and each flank can target different targets. The Ghost Ark can also be used as a dedicated transport for up to ten Necron Warriors, Necron Lords, Overlords and Named Characters.20120809_00161420120809_00162520120809_00164820120809_00252920120809_00255920120809_00264120120809_002650
So there it is, one completed Ghost Ark, about twenty five hours from opening the box to finished model.

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