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Monday, 13 August 2012

Destruction, thy name is Doomsday


I was thinking that The Doomsday Ark would be a better build than the previous model, I guess it comes as no surprise that it wasn’t. In my eagerness to complete the thing I forgot to install the Gauss Flayers when I was putting the ribs together so I had to part them and start again. The power conduit that runs from the main gun to the ribs didn’t go together too well and the prow was a bit of a devil to fit. However, on the whole I’m relatively happy with the finished model. I decided to add the coupling designs that are fitted to the underside of the Ghost Ark to the top of the ribs, at some point I plan to add some form of wire to represent more power conduit.

Anyway, here’s the finished model


The Doomsday Ark feature the same Gauss Flayer broadside array as the Ghost Ark, the main difference for The Doomsday Ark is the main gun (Doomsday Cannon) that is underslung between the ribs. This weapon can fire when the vehicle has moved, but if the vehicle remains stationary the weapons power increases, going from Str 7 AP 4 small blast to a squad incinerating Str 9 AP 1 Large Blast. Now I know that to the non 40k playing reader those numbers mean squat, but on the tabletop it means a good chance to destroy an infantry unit or a vehicle, although given the fact that it’s a blast weapon I plan to hit enemy infantry very hard with it.

(Insert menacing laugh here!)

The next models to be done will be the Catacomb Command Barge / Annihilation Barge. This is another dual variant kit and I have two kits, the good side to this is that it should be easier to make this kit swapable which should give the option of having two Annihilation Barges on the table or one of each.

Because I have two kits I will have the option to make two Overlords, one aboard the Command Barge and one on foot, I may even have a go at magnetising one of the Overlords feet so I can have one as an either/or. Watch this space

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