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Sunday, 12 August 2012

My eyes hurt

The control platform for the Doomsday Ark is now finished and I have decided to do the main gun again. That’s the beauty of having two of the same kit and building different variants. I sprayed the back end white and filled in the power core with Dark green ink, dry brushed the are with Moot Green and the covered the core with BluTac, (that stuff has so many uses). with the power core masked off I sprayed the gun black and dry brushed it with Mithril Silver and picked out the recessed detail with Moot Green.


Well I thought the command platform was finish, but when I took the photos I noticed that the Necron Symbol at the base of the control console needs to be detailed, That will be the first job tomorrow so that his part is actually completed.

Up to this stage the components were constructed as sub assemblies, central housing, control console, side panels and engines. these sub assemblies were all sprayed black and the the recessed lines and edges were picked out with Moot Green. The engines were dry brushed with Screaming Bell and the controls on the console were base coated white ant picked out with various inks. The Pilot was sprayed black, base coated with Chainmail and the washed with Nuln Oil, the crown was given a light coat of Antique Gold and the eyes were picked out with Mechrite Red.

The power core inset areas were painted with Mithril Silver and washed with Dark Green Ink. So as I mentioned above, all that’s left to do is the symbol on the front and it’ll be finished.

The pictures below show the rear end of the main gun up to having the Blutac mask applied. Tomorrow it will be sprayed black and dry brushed before the blutac is removed and the last parts of construction is done.

Once the main gun is finished it will be on to the ribs and the prow, which will be detailed in the same way as the command section.



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